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By Shelley Neuman

SXSW: Shoe Obsessed

There was a ton of great street fashion this year at SXSW, but one thing that kept catching my eye were the amazing shoes everyone was sporting.  Even though attending SXSW inevitably means doing a lot of walking and potentially having to deal with the forces of nature, stylish SXSWers didn’t let that come in between them and their fashionable footwear.  Check out more of my favorite shoe sitings from this year’s SXSW below!

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(Source: atxstreetstyle)

Mia Moretti, 27

Spotted at: Beauty Ballroom

From: New York City, NY

Occupation: DJ

Top: Theory

Pants: Motel

Bag: Furla

Shoes: Tod’s

Sunglasses: Illesteva

(Source: atxstreetstyle)

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