Dedicated to documenting the fashion and style of Austin, Texas.
By Shelley Neuman

Julia Vie, 22

Spotted at: Justine’s Brasserie

Occupation: Photographer

Fur Coat: The Children’s Place Outlet Thrift

Blue Dress: Thrifted

Boots: Nordstrom

(Source: atxstreetstyle)

Maggie Martine, 30

Spotted at: Beauty Bar

Occupation: Owner of Through The Looking Glass Vintage

90s Lace Sleeve Black Dress: Thrifted at Buffalo

Fox Fur Hat and Fox Fur Jacket: Vintage

Velvet Shoes: Ferragamo

Tights: Urban Outfitters

Necklace: Austin Antique Mall

Purse: Sabina

(Source: atxstreetstyle)

Juju Huang, 22

Spotted at: Beauty Bar

Occupation: Student

Fox fur coat, dress, necklace, and shoes: Thrifted at Buffalo Exchange

(Source: atxstreetstyle)

Erin Freeman, 27

Spotted at: Beauty Bar

Occupation: Esthetician

Rabbit Fur Coat: Thrift Store in Ohio

Necklace: Forever 21

Patterned Dress: Charm School Vintage

Purse: Dooney & Burke

Boots: TJ Maxx

(Source: atxstreetstyle)

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