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By Shelley Neuman

Event Spotlight: Fashion Freakout 5

On Friday, Mohawk hosted Austin’s fifth annual Fashion Freakout, the epitome of Austin fashion and style.  The Freakout is a fashion bonanza put together every year featuring knock-you-off-your-feet vintage clothing, impeccable styling, and the kind of inimitable overall quality that other local fashion shows dream of.  

This year’s Fashion Freakout featured inspiring looks from Freakout veterans, Prototype Vintage and Buffalo Exchange, as well as newcomer and East Austin vintage staple, Charm School Vintage.  Hair and make-up for the night were done by the talented team of stylists from Avant Salon.

Each store did a superb job of styling and tying together their looks to create distinct themes filled with youthful vigor and vintage charm.  Looks ranged from 1920s and ’30s inspired babes swathed in silk and fur to playful vibrant ’60s retro music-inspired outfits to bold spikes and studs crossed with flowing ethereal pieces.

After each piece came out, I was in such a moment of fashion fluster that I barely had time to catch my breath before the next amazing piece was revealed.  Click ‘read more’ for pictures of EVERY look that was strutted down the runway Friday night!

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