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By Shelley Neuman

BikeBot Fash Bash: A Bicycle Fashion Show!

Last Saturday at The Pine Street Station was an unconventional fashion show (my favorite kind) where models didn’t strut down the runway, but instead, rode bikes!  The first ever Fash Bash was produced by Bikebot, an environmental organization dedicated to encouraging the nation to ride bikes more, and BikeyMeLikey, a self-proclaimed “bicycle fashionista.”  Proceeds for the event went to cycling advocacy organizations, 1Love Bicycle Tour and HOPE LIKES BIKES With tickets going for $20 a pop ($25 at the door), I must admit I was expecting there to be a little more in the areas of musical entertainment and vendors, however, there was an almost endless supply of free whisky from Wiser’s Whisky and beer from Real Ale.  Pair that alcohol with beautiful babes and Baldwins on bikes from the Bicycle Sports Shop wearing clothing from SoLa and the Psychlist, and you’ve got a show most cycling Austinites can’t resist.

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