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By Shelley Neuman

Austin Fashion Week 2012: Bow Down to the Boudoir Queen

I was looking forward to many events during this year’s Austin Fashion Week, but there was no event I was anticipating more than the Boudoir Queen runway show debuting their new ready to wear collection at the Driskill on Thursday, August 16.

Dawn Younger-Smith, former model, muse, and make-up artist to the stars, is the artist behind the line Boudoir Queen. After years of working in the fashion industry as a make up artist and developing her own cosmetics line, Poor Little Rich Girl, her sense of style and affinity for the past turned her to designing her own vintage inspired pieces. In 1997, the Boudoir Queen brand was born, and Dawn began creating ’20s and ’30s-inspired pieces using vintage fabrics. Her long list of celebrity clients includes names like Patty Griffin, The Veronicas, The Citizens Band, and Imogen Heap. She has also had some of her designs featured in editorials and ads in the likes of Vogue, Elle Magazine, and Rolling Stone.

With such a long list of prior achievements, you can only imagine how anxious I was, fidgeting in my seat waiting for the show to begin, so that I could finally see some of Dawn’s exquisite pieces in person. It didn’t help that some of the models were teasing me with their behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram.

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Dagny Piasecki, 27
Spotted at: Cheer Up Charlie’s
Occupation: Photographer
Dress: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Alice Rabbit
Shoes: Vintage Ralph Lauren

(Source: atxstreetstyle)

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