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Dressing the Sound: Natalie Ribbons and Jason Chronis of Tele Novella

In case you haven’t heard, I am now the Sound & Style Columnist for local digital magazine, Citygram. That means every month my ‘Dressing the Sound' pieces are featured in their downloadable digital magazine/app along with songs and videos from the artist that you can listen to and watch as you're reading Q&A's about their personal style!

This month’s featured artists are the undeniably cute couple Natalie Ribbons and Jason Chronis of Tele Novella. I took notice of Natalie and Jason a few years ago when the two were carving their way into the indie music world as part of two different bands. Natalie was the stylish sweet crooning lead singer of girl duo group Agent Ribbons, and Jason was tapping out bass beats as part of Voxtrot.

Their mid-century influenced garb got my attention just as much as their musical stylings, and they recently formed the dreamy psych-pop group Tele Novella with some other musically-inclined individuals after their previous bands went their separate ways. This band has just gotten started, and already they’re packing venues and wooing crowds with their spooky sweet songs and incredible stage presence.

To read the Q&A I did with Natalie and Jason and listen to some of Tele Novella’s newest tunes, download the most recent issue of Citygram here!

Dressing the Sound: Daniel James of Leopold and His Fiction

For my most recent Dressing the Sound piece, I teamed up with Citygram Magazine for a Q&A and shoot with Daniel James of Austin-based band Leopold and His Fiction. To read the Q&A, see more photos from our shoot, and listen to some tunes from this rock ‘n’ roll meets Motown group, download the latest edition of Citygram here!

Dressing the Sound: Autry Fulbright of …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead and Midnight Masses


The greatest thing about starting this blog and keeping it going has been the people I’ve encountered along the way. So many creative, daring, nostalgic, witty (and the list goes on and on) people have made their way into my life in some form or fashion (har har har), and I could not be more grateful for their influence on the way I perceive the world, especially the world of fashion.

Among these influencers, is a stylish musician by the name of Autry Fulbright. I first encountered Autry at one of the effortlessly cool Bleach Online release parties when I was just a few months into shooting street style. I soon after discovered he was a somewhat recent addition to a band I had been listening to for years, …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead.

I am always thoroughly impressed by people who don’t just keep their creativity confined to one part of themselves, and let it seep into all parts of their life, including the way they dress. I also admire those who do not take themselves or anyone else too seriously, and stick to their guns when it comes to being who they want to be. Autry is 100% one of those people.

As is the norm in our modern age, other than my multiple encounters over the years with this fashionable fellow at events, bars, etc., I’ve mostly gotten to know him via the interwebs, and I can say without a shred of doubt that he’s one of the funniest and boldest people I’ve encountered in my many years of social networking. He’s definitely inspired me to let go of how others perceive me and to act, dress, and say whatever the fuck I want.

That being said, I’m usually I’m not a fan of posting Q&A’s, but this dude nailed it. Check out more photos from our shoot and swim around in the mind of this snazzy fella for a few!

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Dressing the Sound: Jenny Gacy of The White White Lights

Note: This story was written in July for Backbeat Austin, two months before the devastating wildfires occured in Bastrop, TX.  Jenny Gacy and her boyfriend, Jonas Wilson (also of The White White Lights) lost their home, recording studio, and most everything they owned in the fires.  For information on how you can help Jenny and Jonas, as well as other victims of this terrible tragedy, please see the links listed at the end of this story.

The first time I saw The White White Lights, I was immediately drawn to their potently energetic short-haired front woman, Jenny Gacy.  The group is an experimental indie glam rock band from right here in Austin, TX.  That night, Gacy was peering over the mic with her strategically drawn cat eyes.  She simultaneously shrieked and crooned hauntingly while pounding on her keyboard to the sweaty packed crowd, turning the dusty ground of the Emo’s outdoor stage into a dance floor - all while wearing a little black dress and kitten heels.

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