Dedicated to documenting the fashion and style of Austin, Texas.
By Shelley Neuman

Dressing the Sound: Jess Williamson & Callie Hernandez

I first met Jess Williamson several years ago when we were both studying photojournalism at the University of Texas.  Not only did I admire her idiosyncratic eye for photography, but her sense of style always stuck out to me as being seemingly effortless, yet intriguing.  Jess has since taken a different direction with her life, and recorded her first EP entitled Medicine Wheel/Death Songs last spring.  I was only recently formally introduced to her bandmate, Callie Hernandez, though after chatting for a bit, I realized I had taken this stylish lady’s picture for my blog before.  Callie began playing with Jess about 6 months ago and from that blossomed what Jess says was, “An amazing musical relationship.”  After seeing them play an intimate show together a few months ago, I witnessed not only the beautiful stage relationship they shared, but also how their respective senses of style seemed to play off of each other. 

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