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By Shelley Neuman

Dressing the Sound: Jenny Gacy of The White White Lights

Note: This story was written in July for Backbeat Austin, two months before the devastating wildfires occured in Bastrop, TX.  Jenny Gacy and her boyfriend, Jonas Wilson (also of The White White Lights) lost their home, recording studio, and most everything they owned in the fires.  For information on how you can help Jenny and Jonas, as well as other victims of this terrible tragedy, please see the links listed at the end of this story.

The first time I saw The White White Lights, I was immediately drawn to their potently energetic short-haired front woman, Jenny Gacy.  The group is an experimental indie glam rock band from right here in Austin, TX.  That night, Gacy was peering over the mic with her strategically drawn cat eyes.  She simultaneously shrieked and crooned hauntingly while pounding on her keyboard to the sweaty packed crowd, turning the dusty ground of the Emo’s outdoor stage into a dance floor - all while wearing a little black dress and kitten heels.

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