Dedicated to documenting the fashion and style of Austin, Texas.
By Shelley Neuman

Jenny Woys, 28

Spotted at: Joie De Vie Salon and Spa

Occupation: Works at Adlucent Search Engine Marketing/ Fashion Blogger (Check out: Trend Vixen)

Dip-dyed neon green suit: Asos

Button down shirt: H&M

Bow tie: American Apparel

Sparkling heels: Christian Louboutin

Rings: H&M, Maya Star

Clutch: Urban Outfitters

(Source: atxstreetstyle)

Crystal Sanders, 33Spotted at: Pine Street StationOccupation: Radiologist AssistantDress: Love from AsosShoes: Aldo View high resolution

Crystal Sanders, 33
Spotted at: Pine Street Station
Occupation: Radiologist Assistant
Dress: Love from Asos
Shoes: Aldo

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